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 Smashing Horn

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PostSubject: Smashing Horn   Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:50 pm

With Xyz out all over the place and ppl merging their stun, LB and just about any other deck that focuses on control or Xyz, it may be harder to overcome some things with certain decks. Well that's why u give 'em hell with THIS:

Effect: When a monster effect or Trap Card is activated that negates the Normal or Special Summon of a monster(s): Negate the activation and destroy it.

Now this card is good for soooooo many reasons but lemme give u the main ones:

1. Solemn Warning: Yes this card is mained in just about every deck, which makes some ppl tremble in fear when even 1 card is face-down. But Konami generates hate vs warning and makes this, notice how it says on the card, monster eff or TRAP CARD :D. Solemn Warning, umadbro?

2. Thunder King Rai-oh: This card gives sooo many problems that it's hard to count the number of times that I see this card and want to slap the player using it but this card stops it. Some may say, well what if he won't negate the summon? Let me ask those ppl this, If u had field advantage with only this card against my synchro spam deck, would u honestly let me summon a synchro and take over? I think not. Therefore TKR users will most likely negate the summon flip this on them, and they get -1 for nuthin :D TKR, umadbro?

3. Steelswarm Roach: This is one of the perfect anti-meta cards, the cost is actually a +1 to give ur opponent -[insert number here]. He negates u chain this, ur opponent says wtf is that? You say, "Roach's mama", opponent ragequits and u get free win. :D Roach, umadbro?

4. Evolkaiser Ragia: Ah the walking judgment, most ppl think that once u summon this card, it's game, all u have to do is tempt them and they negate ur summons, and when they try to, use this on them. They will see that ragia is still only a young dinosaur. :D Ragia, umadbro?

There are other cards that can fall victim to this such as Royal Oppression, and special archtype cards, so I think this could be an ok side. Comes out in Generation Force pack, which will be released in 4 days, have fun.

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PostSubject: Re: Smashing Horn   Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:52 pm

Nice article Frost,yeah I used this card,it helped me negate stuff when I synchroed like Solemns,etc. Overall I like the card.

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Smashing Horn
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